Our Campaign

Walton Wellness Inc (http://waltonwellness.org) and the Walton Local Food Alliance is excited to bring back an American tradition, Meatless Monday.  100 years ago this campaign was a food conservation effort launched by the U.S. Food Administration. Today we are focused on health and supporting our local food economy.  

Why Meatless Monday

It is not about being a vegetarian! Americans consistently overeat especially when it comes to meat around 15% too much.  This statistic lays the foundation for Meatless Mondays. We can reduce our meat consumption by 15% by simply not eating meat one day a week.  Just one day off meat if replaced with healthy plant based options can have a significant health impact. Most notable in the area of prevention of lifestyle related chronic illness like heart disease and type 2 diabetes.  Meatless Monday is an easy way to encourage people to eat thoughtfully and with intention toward health and flavor one day a week.

100 years ago Walton County rose to the challenge of meatless Monday Let’s come together today and make Monday Meatless again.

How to go Meatless on Monday:

  • Save the meat for Taco Tuesday go Meatless on Monday
  • Buy local from farms, farmer’s markets, grocers and restaurants
  • Plant a garden
  • Talk to the kids in your life about where their food comes from and why it is important to their health
  • Join the community and share by posting your meatless Monday with #MakeMondayMeatlessAgian

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