It all started with a rare breed of Byrd…..

Andy Byrd

A pioneer in the local food movement, Andy Byrd, owner of Whippoorwill Hollow Organic Farm in Walnut Grove.  Andy and his late wife Hilda were among the earliest organic farmers in the country.  Their commitment to organic farming came after a cancer diagnosis for Hilda.  In addition to following doctor’s orders they also started seeking answers outside of traditional American medicine.  Their search led them to organic farming and the creation of their farm in Walnut Grove.  It also seeded a dream of what would become a flagship event for local food in Atlanta

Field of Greens was one of the first festivals in Georgia organized around local food and micro farming.  Field Of Greens and the Byrd’s are responsible for influencing a new generation of Georgia farmers and chefs in the local food movement. Because of these influences Walton County is a hub for micro farms today.

Founding of the Food Alliance

Having this type of hometown connection to the local food movement has blazed the path for the creation of our new Local Food Alliance.  Our Alliance is made up of farmers, chefs, interested citizens, agriculture, environmental, education and health focused organizations, law enforcement and city governments.  we have joined forces for the purpose of supporting our local food economy.

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